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When Anubhav Sinha ‘almost embarrassed’ Sumit

IANS | Mumbai |

Actor Sumit Kaul says filmmaker Anubhav Sinha praised him so much during their first meeting that he got “almost embarrassed”.

Sumit is gearing up for the release of his next Bollywood film “Mulk”, helmed by Sinha.

“As an actor if you want a major ego boost you have got to work with Anubhav Sir. In my first ever meeting with him, he showered me with so many praises for my audition that I was almost embarrassed,” Sumit said in a statement.

“I was amazed at the humility of this man, that after what he has achieved he has no qualms in treating me as an equal. I was anyway charged to be working with him and after meeting I was super excited at getting the chance. It was exciting from the word go.”

Sinha is a pleasure to work with, said the actor.

“He would just lay the framework, create this perfect environment and then let the actor loose. I hardly remember rehearsing with him, as his instructions were so clear the scene would happen organically. What more can an actor ask? If your director gives you your space and there’s room for trust, there’s no way you won’t give your best shot.”

“Even in the characterisation, he makes the process easier. He gives you a character sketch and a few guidelines here and there and lets the actor decide his flow of action.”

Sumit’s role in “Mulk” is contrary to that of “Haider”.

“While I played this goofy sinister police spy in ‘Haider’, my character in ‘Mulk’ is unpredictable, displays no emotion and one cannot gauge what goes on in his mind,” he said.

“Though the length of my character in the film is less, he is integral to the graph of the film. In many ways, he is the reason for the conflict in the film,” he added.