Congress President Rahul Gandhi, on Saturday, while addressing an election rally in Shujalpur, Madhya Pradesh said that he would never hate PM Modi.

“I believe that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be defeated only with love,” said Rahul, while referring to the prime minister’s “attacks” on his family.

“I don’t hate Modi. Modiji, you can say whatever you want to. Hatred cannot overcome hatred. Modiji cannot be defeated with hatred, he can be defeated only with love,” said Rahul while addressing the rally.

“There is no hatred in the hearts of Congress workers. But there is hatred in the hearts of the BJP, RSS people and Modi. Our job is to end that hatred.

“They spew hatred for me, my father (Rajiv Gandhi), grandmother (Indira Gandhi) and great grandfather (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru). But I go and hug him. Get rid of hatred, work with love. You will benefit yourself,” said Rahul, in an apparent reference to PM Modi.

Alluding to PM Modi’s 2014 election campaign when he talked about depositing Rs 15 lakh to every Indian’s bank account, Rahul said though PM’s promise was bogus he liked his intent, and it is from PM Modi’s 2014 speeches that Congress got the idea for the NYAY scheme.

He promised to provide jobs to 22 lakh youth within a year of forming the government, adding that 10 lakh youth would get placed in the Panchayats.

“Whatever damage has been caused by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in past five years we will rectify that with the NYAY scheme.

“I appreciate contributions made by everyone and Modi ji’s biggest contribution is that he has taught how not to run the country,” said Rahul.

(With IANS inputs)