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When the three sisters hit the road together

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

It's a day to remember for those three sisters who passionately drove the cars at the 51st Statesman Vintage Classic and Car rally. Even though, the elder sister had participated in the earlier editions,it was for the first time that all three sisters competed each other.

The young girls filled with zeal drove the cars vehemently,alluring other girls who were present towards the vintage beauty. Akanksha Sharma (23), who drove Austin Chummy 1928 said, "It is the third time I am participating in the rally it's a wonderful feeling driving a vintage car. You get a lot of attention and it feels like going back into the era".

Explaining about the experience, she said, I was nervous before driving. "While driving the Austin Chummy, you have to be very focused and extra-cautious as its brakes are different from the modern cars," she added.

The other two younger sisters, Aashna Sharma (20) and Aneesha Sharma (18), who were driving for the first time, said it was a joyful and exhilarating experience. "I feel proud after driving car and it was like a mission accomplished," said Aashna, who was driving Fiat Balilla 1934, adding, I am looking forward to more rallies. Sharing her experience, Aashna said, "It is difficult to change the gears of Balilla. Moreover, there are no indicators and the mirrors are just for show".

She also said that the best thing is that you can drive and enjoy the ride as they are little bit slow during driving unlike modern cars.

Expressing her excitement, Aneesha said, I drove a vintage car for the first time and it's a thrilling experience. She also said, "We will really be happy if more girls come forward as this is the time where you can actually explore yourself in a unique way".