An old foot-over bridge across a lake collapsed on Monday, killing three women while 30 others were injured, at the Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (KMML) compound here.

The bodies of two women were fished out from the lake in the evening, while one was found in the morning.

The bridge connected two units of the state-owned KMML.

The body of KMML employee Angeline was recovered in the evening from the lake after police failed to trace her in any of the hospitals where the injured were admitted after the accident.

The body of another woman, Annamma, was fished out from the lake in the evening.

The collapse occurred around 10.45 a.m. when mostly KMML workers were using the bridge.

The first deceased was identified as Shyamala Devi.

The bridge was awaiting major repairs for a long time, locals said.

Some of the injured were taken to a government hospital while others were admitted to private hospitals.

Local legislator R. Ramachandran, visiting the accident site, said the bridge was used mostly by employees of KMML.

“This bridge should have been replaced long back. The collapse occurred in the morning when workers of KMML were hurrying to report for duty. As there was a local protest taking place, there was a crowd on the bridge,” said Ramachandran said.