The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) is planning to take steps to see that hawkers do not keep shops at Chowrasta, a popular promenade in Darjeeling town, so that the place remains peaceful and beautiful.

“Chowrasta is a place in Darjeeling where people go for enjoyment and is also a tourist spot. It is known to be a place which is peaceful and people can relax there, but recently it is being seen that hawkers are opening shops there and turning it to a place like Chowkbaazar, which is crowded and noisy,” the chairman of the GTA Board of Administrators, Anit Thapa, said in a press release.

“Keeping in mind the beauty of the place and it being the pride of Darjeeling, we want no such shops around Chowrasta and we feel that it is the duty of everyone to keep the place beautiful and peaceful. For this we will also sit in a meeting with the Darjeeling Municipality, after which we will take steps so that such things do not take place there,” he said.

The press release also maintained that their main aim was to keep Chowrasta peaceful and beautiful, for which renovation work was also going on. Mr Thapa added that the people should also help them keep the place that way.