The Sikkim government has issued a notification that seeks to restrict the sale of non-organic agriculture and horticulture commodities with effect from 1 April.

The government says that in doing so, it plans to prevent health hazards for humans and animals alike and save the environment.

“The state government hereby restricts the sale of non-organic agriculture and horticulture commodities from April 1st,” the notification issued by the home department on 10 March said.

“If there is any contravention to this notification, the commodities shall be liable to be seized and disposed of,” the notification adds. Sikkim is the lone state in the country that has adopted organic farming “to acknowledge the importance of supporting sustainable management practices and deliver long-term benefits to our communities,” said the notification signed by SC Gupta, the Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department.

It further said that organic farming assured tasty and reliable health-oriented food for consumers as unnatural substances such as chemical synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are prohibited in the organic farming process.

The notification bans the sale of non-organic maize, beans, brinjal, bitter gourd, bottle gours, pointed gourd, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, carrot, chayote, drumstick, leafy vegetables, amount other vegetables. It also bans the sale of non-organic banana, guava, orange and papaya, along with spices ginger, green chilly and turmeric.