A private tutor was arrested in Belur, Howrah, on 27 July for inflicting burn injuries on a minor student.

According to police, accused tutor Chandra Kumari  hit Vishal Ray (6), a resident of Girish Ghosh Road who studies in a local English medium school, with a hot ladle for failing to complete his lessons properly.

Howrah (City) police sources said the teacher was arrested on the basis of a complaint lodged by the student’s family members at the Belur police station.

The family members said Vishal (6), a student of KG II, used to take his lessons at his private tutor Chandra Kumari’s residence, next to his home.

“He used to go there regularly in the afternoon after his school break to take his lessons. On Thursday, as usual he went there for tuition but returned home
with several bruises and wounds scattered on his body, with blood oozing from the. On being asked, Vishal said his teacher has punished him with a hot
ladle as he could not complete his lessons properly. As we are not literate we did not want to proceed further on the issue,” said Usha Devi, Vishal’s mother.

Teachers of Vishal’s school, however, noticed that the 6 year old had several burn injury marks on his body and was in pain, and asked how he had sustained such injuries.

”In reply he said that as he could not complete his lessons properly his tutor had punished him with a hot ladle. Then we talked to his parents and in consultation with them a formal complaint had been lodged against the
tutor at Belur police station. Later, we came to know that she has been arrested.”, said a teacher of St Joseph’s Day School.

Chandra Kumari, who is a first year student of Rammohan College, said she didn’t know the ladle was hot.