A 33-year-old school teacher refused dowry and received 1,001 saplings instead as wedding gift with the bride’s parents agreeing to the unusual pre-condition set by the man.

At a time when wedding extravagance is the order of the day, groom Saroj Kanta Biswal set a precedent of sort. It was an ideal marriage in true sense. The marriage was solemnised in an austere manner. There was no music, party or fire-cracker show.

saplings as wedding gift
Saplings as wedding gift (PHoto: SNS)

The most absorbing aspect of the unique marriage was that the groom was gifted with 1,001 saplings as desired by him during the marriage negotiation, said Ranjan Pradhan, resident of bride’s village in Adampur under Marshaghai tehsil.

“I was opposed to dowry system in marriage. Besides I am a nature lover right from the childhood days. That’s why, I had insisted on receiving dowry and had demanded 1,001 saplings of fruit-bearing trees. Accordingly, the wedding took place on Saturday,” Biswal said.

My spouse Rashmirekha Paitala is also a school teacher and is quite happy over my decision to refuse dowry and receive saplings instead, he added.