Statistical data of the period from 1 January to 31 July released by Delhi Police shows that 1985 cases of assault on women, 394 cases of insult to the modesty of women, 2200 cases of kidnapping and about 206 cases of abduction of women have been reported.

The data shows there has been a slight decline in cases when compared with the data till 31 July 2016, but cases of kidnapping have increased. “The cases registered relating to assault, insult to modesty of women have shown that the accused are generally known to the victim. There are fewer cases of strangers getting involved in assault. While investigating we have observed a trend that relatives, friends, boyfriends, classmates and neighbours are mostly found involved in the cases of assault and insult to the modesty of women,” said a senior police officer.

Despite bodies like the anti-stalking cell and anti-obscene calls cell, women’s help desk, directions issued to all BPOs, corporate and media houses for taking certain steps to provide safety to women, direction to PCR vans to help stranded women, etc., cases against women are still reported daily and the victims are from all walks of society.

Several booklets have been distributed to police officers to educate them so that they can take immediate action.

Official data released by the Delhi Police in April indicates that molestation complaints are reported every two hours and rape cases every four hours. The data also reveals that on an average every 9 minutes calls are made by women to the helpline numbers. Girls are becoming victims of theft every six minutes and snatching is reported on an average of every 30 minutes.

Since 2012, a huge increase has been observed in crime against women. “Police is taking all possible steps and conducting various programmes, schemes, issued notices to all sectors to cope with crime against women. But we have to also look at the reasons why these crimes are committed so often these days. These days, boys are being exposed to sex and drugs at an early age which affects their behaviour and thought process. Media and people have to realise that police can only act when an incident is brought to their notice. What can police do if a relative or friend of a girl assaults her or misbehaves with her in a room. However, police acts and takes strict action under the law when the incidents are reported to them,” said a police officer.