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Bolangir DHH patients given expired saline

Statesman News Service | Bolangir |

In a shocking incident attendants of patients at the Bolangir district headquarter hospital here found intravenous saline whose expiry date was November 2017 being administered to children.

On Wednesday relatives of some children who had been admitted to the hospital noticed that the intravenous saline that was administered to their children had expired since November.

They immediately brought it to the notice of the doctor who in turn ordered withdrawal of the saline.

It was latter found that at least three such IV saline which bore the expiry date of November 2017 were administered to three paediatric patients.

The major laps which unfortunately could have complicated the situation had the relatives not noticed it.

Hospital authorities promptly conducted a thorough stock taking of the central store from where the saline had been provided.

“We found total four such IV saline, three that were administered and one that was still in central store,” confirmed doctors while replying to questions from media persons.