BJP warns PDP against demand for talks with Pakistan over alliance govt agenda

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday asked the Peoples Democratic Party, with which it is sharing power in Jammu and…

BJP warns PDP against demand for talks with Pakistan over alliance govt agenda

Brigadier (Retired) Anil Gupta. (Photo: Facebook)

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday asked the Peoples Democratic Party, with which it is sharing power in Jammu and Kashmir, not to let the demand for initiating Indo-Pakistan talks hijack the Agenda of Alliance (AoA) between the two parties.

Responding strongly to the repeated demand of Sartaj Mandi, vice-president of PDP and maternal uncle of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, for initiating talks with Pakistan, BJP spokesperson Brigadier (Retired) Anil Gupta advised him not to selectively quote the AoA as it was creating confusion among the people.

In a hard hitting statement, Gupta asked the PDP to “not only concentrate on the Kashmir Valley but also to come forward to resolve outstanding issues of J-K as envisioned in the alliance document.”


Selective quoting from the AoA can lead to mistrust and add to confusion among the people. Amplifying further, Gupta, stated that the coalition government was formed as a “Governance Alliance” without any pre-conditions to provide a stable and representative government that will work towards providing smart governance, ensuring self-sustaining and balanced development across all three regions of the state and to create conditions to facilitate resolution of all issues of J-K.

AoA nowhere refers to ‘Kashmir Problem’ but is committed to resolution of all outstanding issues of J-K clarified Gupta.

The aim of the AoA was to provide a stable and representative government, Gupta said while refuting the repeated claims being made in the media by Sartaj Madni that dialogue with Pakistan was the ‘first and last condition’ for forging alliance with the BJP.

He is also reported to have stated that delay in Indo-Pak dialogue may undermine the AoA. Sartaj Madni has also said, “AoA is an express commitment to the people of the state on resolution of Kashmir problem through reconciliation and dialogue.”

Gupta said that as far as Indo-Pak relations are concerned, the AoA envisions the coalition government to support and strengthen the initiatives and approach taken by the Central Government to create a reconciliatory environment for peace and development within the sub-continent. Despite best efforts of the Modi government to offer a reconciliatory hand to Pakistan, there has been no reciprocal gesture by Pakistan.

Instead, Pakistan has been not only abetting and aiding terror operations across the border, it has also been killing our innocent civilians living on the LoC and International Border through unprovoked ceasefire violations. In such an environment PDP needs to condemn Pakistan and support the stand of the Government of India rather than advocating for talks with Pakistan.

The onus lies on Pakistan to create a conducive environment for sustained dialogue process to resume lamented Gupta.

The statement welcomed the assertion of Sartaj Madni that initiatives are required for fulfilling the promises made in the alliance document to bring an end to the prolonged miseries of the people of the State.

Gupta reminded Madni that there are many issues in the AoA beyond Indo-Pak relations that affect the lives of the people of the state living in miseries which need urgent resolution.

However, there is no visible initiative being taken for their resolution. Listing the issues, Gupta said that their early resolution will send a positive message since these people also need the “Healing Touch” advocated by the late Mufti Sayeed and being continued by Mehbooba.

The issues include, return to Valley of Kashmiri Pandits with dignity, settlement of West Pakistan refugees, extend all benefits accruing to the people living on the LoC to the people living on International Border and constitution of a Delimitation Commission.