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BJP MLA’s son allegedly thrashes toll plaza workers in Mathura

SNS | New Delhi |

The son of Pooran Prakash, BJP legislator from Baldev in Mathura, allegedly thrashed a toll plaza employee after a boom barrier fell on the politician’s car.

The incident happened in Mahuvan on National Highway 2 in Mathura. CCTV cameras captured the car speeding past one of the booths when the barrier fell on the roof of the vehicle.

According to reports, the lawmaker’s son, who was aided by supporters, then allegedly attacked the staff.

The politician was at the time reportedly sitting in the car. Following the incident, the supporters allegedly allowed many vehicles to pass through the plaza without paying toll.

Reports say that no FIR has been filed in the incident even as the toll management registered a complaint.

Prakash reportedly blamed the toll booth workers for deliberately dropping the barrier on his car.