The Election Commission (EC) on Saturday called Congress’ allegations of large-scale errors in Madhya Pradesh’s electoral rolls incorrect after conducting a probe.

The commission wrote a letter to Congress on June 8 saying that, “from the evidence collected from the ground and the analysis of data made available with the complaint suggest that the claim of large scale duplicate, repeat, multiple, illegal, invalid, false etc entries/voters in the electoral rolls of Madhya Pradesh is not based on robust parameter and is not correct”.

The EC had instructed the Chief Electoral Officer of the state to carry out “intensive verification” of the complaint in all other constituencies in a time-bound manner.

The report submitted by the committee to the Election Commission on Friday had asserted that while there were no fake voters, there were cases of double entries because voter lists were not updated after deaths, or after voters relocated to other areas.

The commission concluded that the “allegation of large scale entries of multiple voters in these four assembly constituencies is not borne out”.

On Sunday, the EC had ordered a probe into allegations of large-scale discrepancies in the MP’s voters’ list as the Congress submitted ‘proof’ to support its allegation. The poll panel had then formed four teams, consisting of two members each, to investigate the matter.

The Congress had alleged that there were close to 60 lakh bogus voters in the state and that it was being done at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) behest.

Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath had said they have provided evidence to the EC that there were approximately 60 lakh fake voters in the lists.

Citing figures, Nath questioned: “How is it possible that population has increased by 24 per cent but number of voters has increased by 40 per cent?”

The party had sought the removal of all duplicate entries in the electoral rolls of 230 Assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh to conduct free and fair elections.

(With agency inputs)