The Himachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Board has identified and listed 22 plant and 16 animals species as “threatened”, an official said on Monday.
Separate committees of experts were notified by the board in December 2016 to identify the plants and animal species facing extinction, the board’s member secretary, Kunal Satyarthi, said.”On the basis of their report, a list of 38 species was prepared for issuing necessary notification by the Centre,” he said.

Some plant species from the state that are “threatened” include Mohra, Atis, Salam Panja, Ner Dhoop and Ratanjot, the official said, adding that the animal species include the Himalayan Musk Deer, Red Headed Vultures, Golden Mahseer and Snow Leopard.

Satyarthi, who was participating in a workshop on the national biodiversity action plan and targets here today, revealed that after notification of these species as “threatened plant and animal species, the trade of some species could be prohibited, provided there are proper regulations”.

He said that the mandate of the Biodiversity Act is conservation, sustainable utility and benefit sharing of biological resources.

“Since Himachal is rich in biological resources, the board is in the midst of dialogue with the industry,” he said.

This will add to the revenue of the state, the official said.

The Biodiversity Act came into being in 2002, wherein every state was to set up the Biodiversity Board.