The Andhra Pradesh government has just reached a milestone with what is called the “AP Janmabhoomi Project.” While there are several Indians who leave the country to work abroad, the government in this state provides an opportunity for all those non-resident Indians to do something for their homeland.

What is best about this project is the fact that NRIs can develop the lives of thousands of Indians with the help of only one technological device, aiming at achieving dreams of several. This flagship project under the coordination of the Special Representative for North America, Mr Jayaram Komati, is funded 70 per cent by the state and 30 per cent by the NRIs.

Turning technolog y to our advantage It has a simple three-pronged strategy- digitalisation, preschool development and mahaprasthanam. The digitalisation is primarily through incorporating smart classrooms in schools across the state. Tools like whiteboards and updated equipments help students to understand and perform better in interactive classes.

This scheme has been one of the most successful parts of the project with over 2,200 schools being equipped with the latest technology to offer the best kind of education, focusing specially on high schools. Under this area, several programmes like the ‘Youth-Empowerment Programme’ (seeking to provide advanced computer knowledge through a 21- day intensive training) and the ‘NRI school connect programme’ (bridging the gap between schools and NRIs to increase knowledge base through communication between both sides) have been successfully launched and implemented.

Digital literacy is finally becoming a reality. Heavy focus on socio-economic steps Apart from this, the Anganwadi centres help providing pre-school education and maternal care to those children who are about to start schooling. Three to six is the crucial age span in a child’s life. In recognition to this, the project makes special efforts to provide a holistic development and prepare them better for school.

Building crematoriums, boundary walls, burning platforms and provisioning for the convenient practice of rituals is the third part of this project. NRIs come forward, focusing on their native areas in state and donate to build grounds with the help of the Gram Panchayat engineering wing. Something that’s never been thought of Technology has played a massive role in the success of this project and the sheer dedication of the NRIs has helped this initiative meet goals in short period of time.

Through day to day events like World Environment Day and International Yoga Day, this fantastic group of Indians settled abroad, with the help of a team of students under the AP Internship Programme, this social initiative is one of a kind, with no other machinery initiating something as brilliant as this.

Undergraduate students come forward by visiting the schools and helping teachers get better accustomed with technology. The team, on the one hand helps Indians, and on the other, helps many reconnect with their roots in the most positive way. As a citizen, everyone can donate, help and mentor.

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