The nomination task, Jinni Ka Gufa, brought out many emotions in the house. The task is all about sacrificing your happiness for someone else. Let’s see who all gets nominated.

Nomination task:

Somi and Sreesanth save Romil and Dipika respectively from nomination by sacrificing and destroying their family pictures. The nominated contestant are: Karanvir, Rohit and Somi Khan.

Fight over bed: 

Bigg Boss announces that eight mattresses need to be removed as some contestants are not following the rules. Dipika and Surbhi indulge in a fight which leads to a war of words among the contestants, as they don’t agree to each other’s opinion.

Cooking competition: 

BB announces luxury budget task — Ching’s cooking —between Dipika’s team and Somi’s team. Dipika has Deepak and Rohit in her team while Somi’s team comprises Sreesanth and Romil. As judges, Surbhi and Karanvir declare Dipika’s team as the winner, and they won Ching’s hamper.

Sreesanth angry with Dipika:

After Dipika wins the task, Sreesanth and Dipika get into an argument and he returns all things and says he reacts this way when he loses any task. Later, the two sort out their differences.

Tomorrow, a new task will be played in which Dipika and Deepak will indulge in some fun activity.

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