The Trinamool Congress (TMC) high command, on Wednesday, is all set to hold a meeting to find a solution to the ongoing inner conflict among the party leaders in Hooghly district.

Over the last few days, several ruling party leaders in Hooghly – Haripal MLA Becharam Manna, former party secretary in the district Tapan Dasgupta, Uttarpara MLA Prabir Ghoshal and Arambag MP Aparupa Poddar – verbally attacked the current district secretary Dilip Yadav, exposing the power struggle among themselves.

To bring an end to this menace ahead of the much-important Assembly Elections in April next year, TMC high command has called Indranil Sen, Asima Patra, Snehasish Chakraborty, other than Poddar, Ghoshal and Yadav, reported Bengali news portal The Wall.

At a time when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has emerged as a powerhouse in the state, this brazen tussle among TMC leaders is sure to weaken the party’s cause in its attempt to regain the power in next year’s election. This is what the Hooghly leaders were conveyed by the high command on Monday when they were informed about Wednesday’s meeting.

The Wall reported that TMC’s highest leadership asked four leaders in Hooghly if they wanted to erase the party in the district. In an exasperated tone, the leaders were further asked if they had any idea about the regional leaders who were in touch with the BJP.

The meeting is likely to take place at Abhishek Banerjee’s office in Camac Street.

Meanwhile, at a rally in Uttarpara on Monday, Manna had said, “Cadres are the main strength of TMC and if any leader abandons them they should be kicked out of the party. This kind of situation has been created in Hooghly.”

He further added, “I’ve seen leaders who have been attacked by the police and have also seen leaders who left Mamata Banerjee alone on the orders of the same police.”

Ghoshal had said that due to some “bar faces” BJP’s vote share in the district was increasing. He called for thos faces to be put on “rest”.

Even though they had not named anyone, speculations are heavy that both Manna and Ghoshal indirectly targetted Yadav.

However, Poddar was more direct with her attack as she named Yadav and said, “I want to ask district secretary Dilip Yadav who says that he works only under the guidance of the party. Did the party give him order to hold rally in Arambag without consulting with the local MP there?”

The ongoing conflict can be traced back to when Yadav was made the district secretary, replacing Dasgupta after TMC’s heavy beating against BJP there.