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DURGAPUR, 22 JUNE: “Beware of your colleagues,” veteran CPI-M leader and Leader of Opposition Dr Surjyakanta Mishra warned his party supporters. He was addressing a poll rally in Gopalpur and Khandra villages in Durgapur this evening. Dr Mishra said: “We have seen several infights between the ruling party factions, which was not expected. Even veteran party leader Shobhondeb Chatterjee wasn’t spared.” He asked his party men to win the hearts of people, inc-luding the Trinamul supporters.
He said: “Visit every household and try to understand what they want. Don’t ignore the house of any person even if he was seen taking part in Trinamul Congress’ procession. Don’t divide men by political colour. We need to win their confidence. It is our prime task.”