KOLKATA, 27 JUNE: As the fear of an epidemic looms large in the tragedy-hit state of Uttarakhand, the department of Health and Family Welfare has sent a four-member team from the city to treat people staying relief camps there.
The team, comprising two microbiologists and two public health officials, is part of a larger team that the centre has sent for the medical aid of evacuated people. "The fear of vector-borne diseases cannot be overruled because of the contaminated water and unhygienic conditions," said Dr G K Pandey, director, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
"The relief camps are more vulnerable to the outbreak of diseases since there is the likelihood of viruses getting transferred from affected to healthy people," he added. "After the relief work has been completed, there are also plans to rehabilitate the people who have been rendered homeless by nature’s fury," Mr Pandey said. sns