price escalated by ` 2 crore ignoring centre and state&’s guideline

Siliguri, 6 November
Recently conducted technical audit reports hinted that Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority, under the chairmanship of Dr Rudranath Bhattacharya, had escalated the price of a treatment plant by Rs 2 crore unnecessarily for implementing sewerage system ignoring both the Central and state&’s guideline.
The SJDA authority had argued that the treatment plant was bought keeping in mind for next 50 years although the government suggested not installing a high capacity pump for sewerage.
The former executive officer, Mr Godala Kiran Kuma,r and other engineers had started giving work orders to the contractors without technical and financial bidding.
The SJDA authority had no system to maintain quality management during inspection of ongoing works in various sites.
Experts from Jadavpur University had not found technical and financial bidding records for construction work for which huge amount of funds were allotted. Interestingly, the officials had made full payment when the work was in incomplete position. It was also found that there was no detailed project report of a proposed work and estimated cost. Midway, the cost of the project was escalated and payment was made for a project, which was taken unnecessarily.
Sources said the former CEO Mr Kumar, taking Dr Bhattacharya in to confidence, made extra payment of Rs 2 crore from its own resources for installation of pump for sewerage
The former CEO deliberately made payment without approval of the chairman of the development authority several times based on the (false) reports of a group of engineers.
Mr Kumar, who was specifically accused of misappropriation of funds for setting up closed circuit television cameras in Siliguri town, did not take any initiative to maintain quality of products which were already installed.
The former chairman of the SJDA, Dr Rudranath Bhattacharya, allegedly also took initiative to install cameras which was unnecessary because the SJDA authority had no proposals from the police department for its necessity.