Gopalnagar, 7 February: Gopalnagar police have arrested four persons said to be involved in cases of burglary, and seized a huge amount of stolen property and cash from them, amounting to over Rs 2 lakh.
The four, identified as Mr Rana Mandal, Mr Arun Biswas, Mr Babai Karmakar and Mr Sukha Ranjan Das, were arrested from Sindri area of Bagda and Chalki area in Satberia.
Gopalnagar police said the four were involved in a burglary at the home of one Pradip Dutta at Satberia.
Police yesterday got a tip-off that Mr Rana Mandal was the man who had driven the getaway vehicle used by the robbers.
He was arrested from Bagda and a Maruti van, along with several items of stolen goods, seized from his possession.
Following his interrogation, police were able to arrest the other four robbers from Gopalnagar.     sns