Kolkata, 2 October: There was a protest against the marriage laws amendment bill, “Irretrievable break down of Marriage” (IrBM), staged by men&’s rights associations in the city today.
The IrBM Act, is biased towards women, which is a violation of the right to equality, said activist an from Haridaya, Mr Amit Gupta. “The marriage laws amendment bill does not give any choice to the husband to oppose the divorce filed by the spouse,” Mr Gupta said. The bill has been passed by the Rajya Sabha, and it is to be tabled in the Lok Sabha in the winter session. The men&’s rights associations said that “financial hardship” is not defined in the  marriage laws amendment bill. Mr Gupta said that the bill prescribes the divorcing wife have a share in her husband’s inherited or inheritable property. A judge will decide this percentage of share in the husband&’s property.     SNS