Howrah dist hospital hires vehicles for its staff
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Kolkata, 3 September
Imagine a situation in a government hospital where its staff has to depend on public vehicles to perform health services.
Moreover, a new van lying unused for two years for the reason that appears preposterous.
The case at point is Howrah district Hospital that finds place in the good books of  Chief Minister. Miss Mamata Banerjee had appreciated the hospital for its services during her election campaign for the Lok Sabha seat last May.
But the ground reality is a sordid tale of apathy and negligence of the health officials. The bus supposed to transport the staff of the blood bank to blood donation camps is in complete shambles with hardly any hopes of running on the wheels again.
Left with no option, the hospital has to arrange for private cars to send the paramedics to perform their duties. 
The medical superintendent of the hospital, however, said, that the vehicle would be repaired soon: "We hope to get the bus is repaired within a few weeks," said Mr Subodh Kumar Mandal, the medical superintendent. But the hospital staff on condition of anonymity rued, the vehicle is beyond repairs and is nothing than a mangled iron box. 
Moreover, the blood transportation van for bringing the donated blood to the hospital has been lying unused, since it was handed over by West Bengal State Aids Prevention and Control Society, two years ago.
 Hospital officials say, confusion over driver’s payment has been a roadblock in moving the vehicle. "The Aids prevention society, initially wanted to hire the driver on daily wage basis, but none agreed and the officials, then decided to provide wages to driver for at least 26 days in a month," said Mr PK Das, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Health-II. He, assured that the driver would be soon recruited.  But mechanics of transport department said, the  van has already developed a snag in the battery for lying unused and require repairs.  The blood bank has no alternative, but to bring the collected in special containers.