Senior BJP leader Mukul Roy alleged that chief minister Mamata Banerjee has clamped ‘police raj’ on West Bengal even though before coming to power she had promised that police would not be used to crush democratic movements.

Mr Roy said that the question that is being asked inside and outside Bengal is whether democracy can thrive in the state under the TMC government.

“TMC government is running a police raj in Bengal. Any democratic movement is being crushed by police in fear that it can expose the government. People are angry with police administration as democratic structure is crumbling in the state,” he said.

Mr Roy also said that the state government should not resist democratic movement as it could seriously curb the rights of the people.

“Police obstructed the movement of the primary teachers recently. This attempt to stop democratic movements will go against the TMC government and the party will face dire consequences. People are not with Miss Banerjee now,” Mr Roy said.

The former TMC vicepresident also said that chief minister Mamata Banerjee had no concern for the state and is making irrelevant remarks on the Kashmir situation.

“West Bengal is losing the scope and opportunity for industrial growth and development. People are taking all kind of risks to explore jobs in other state. But our chief minister is busy in organising festivals and carnival. For vote bank politics, she is falsely claiming that more than one lakh people got jobs here,” he said.

Mr Roy also condemned the chief minister’s “attempt to politicise” the killing of five labourers from Bengal in Kashmir by terrorists. “Thousands of innocent people have become victims of terror in Kashmir and labourers from West Bengal are as unfortunate as the other victims.

There can’t be any politics over such killings but Miss Banerjee is doing exactly that while she has herself failed to stop terror unleashed by her own party activists in the state,” he said.