Kolkata and its adjoining districts are likely to experience more rainfall in the next 24 hours due to the monsoon winds circulating in the area. According to the Regional Meteorological Department, Alipore weather office, the city will witness a rainy Independence Day with one or two spells of showers as the main depression over the city continues to persist.

An upper air cyclonic cycle lies between 5.8 and 7.6 km above main sea level, the weatherman informed. Under its influence, a low pressure is likely to form over northwest Bay of Bengal around 16 August.

A generally cloudy sky accompanied by relentless rainfall and occasional lightning during the latter half of Sunday was greeted with relief by the people of Kolkata after a rather hot and humid Saturday. The city received as much as 31.6 mm of rainfall during the last 24 hours with the maximum temperature hovering around 33 degree Celsius.

Traffic was not overtly affected as there were not many vehicles plying on the roads on the weekend, although there was water logging in certain parts of the city.

The Metro Railway stations, however, remained overcrowded with passengers trying to stay away from the showers.