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Kasba PS restricts entry in half-pants; Kolkata Police orders enquiry

SNS | Kolkata |

An inquiry has been ordered into an incident where two persons were prevented from entering Kasba Police Station to lodge complaints since they were wearing half-pants. The incident stoked controversy forcing the Kolkata Police to order an inquiry.

As per the testimonies of the two youths, they had visited the Kasba Police Station on Thursday to lodge a theft complaint. They were reportedly wearing T-shirts and half pants when they reached the police station.

One of the youths alleged in his Facebook post that they were stopped at the gate by a Home Guard who told them half pants were not allowed inside the police station. After much argument, one of them went home and changed into trousers after which they were allowed to lodge the complaint.

When one of the youths raised this issue in the Twitter handle of Kolkata police he was asked whether he went to his office in shorts. Several people raised questions about this attitude of the police.

“Police station and office cannot be the same because we go to the police station when there is a problem and is it possible for the person to go properly dressed at that time?” a senior citizen who didn’t want to disclose his identity said.

Ever since it came to the fore, the incident stoked a lot of controversy leading to the DC (South Suburban Division) Rashid Muni Khan to order an enquiry into the incident. However, many people complained about it on different social media platforms that it was not just the Kasba police station but several police stations in Kolkata which created problems for people when they went to lodge a complaint.

When asked about it, senior police officers didn’t make a comment. “I cannot make any comment on this. If something is found in the complaint then action will be taken,” a police official said.

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