Statesman news service
Darjeeling, 14 July
Notwithstanding the demand for Gorkhaland that is expected to offspring anytime Telangana reaches its pivotal point of bifurcation from Andhra Pradesh, the leaders here decided to continue to run the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) along with the statehood call.
Although the agitation threat by the GJMM is at hold, the leaders have maintained to keep a close watch on the development of Telangana. The general secretary, Mr Roshan Giri, terming an important meeting been held of the GTA sabha members, said: “The sabha members had held a meeting and of the core issues discussed, the important one is that, in the next GTA election the board has decided to give the scheduled caste 22 per cent seat reservation and 6 per cent for the scheduled tribe.”
Mr Giri said the Sabha will also abide to the 100-point roster for the recruitment of candidates in government schools and offices. “We will follow the 100-point roster for various jobs in the school sector and government offices,” Mr Giri said. 
Such a decision by the GTA comes after the allegation made by the members of the All India Nepali Scheduled Caste Association where they alleged the GTA did not abide by the constitutional norms to the reservation of seats for SC and ST in providing the jobs. The SC community makes up about 9.7 per cent of the Hill population while the ST stands at 34 per cent.
Mr Giri also said to provide ten communities of the Hills ~ Khambu Rai, Tamu Gurung, Sunuwar Mukhia, Newar Pradhan, Magar (Thapa Thami), Bhujel, Thami, Khas Hitkari, Jogi and Dewan ~ the tribal status as per the GTA agreement.
On the other hand, the GTA has plans on the cards to bifurcate the existing 8 blocks of the three Hills sub-divisions to 18. According to the draft proposal for bifurcations prepared by the GTA, it has been learnt that the bifurcation is based on the distance, topography and isolation of different areas in the block due to the limitation caused by the topography and various other factors.
“The reason for the bifurcation is because during elections some of the booths in the existing blocks are so inaccessible that the polling parties are sent two days prior to poll date because of the distance and non-availability of motorable roads,” read the draft. Also the bifurcation is to ease the process of work by the BDO&’s and many others so that all the regions within the block could avail the facilities, said the official. "The GTA has already forwarded the proposal to the government," the official added.