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Experts focus on need for renewable energy


The Engineers’ Welfare Forum (EWF) of West Bengal Development Corporation Limited on Sunday organised a national seminar to generate awareness on renewable energy.

The day-long seminar focused on creating awareness about the latest technical developments and policy adoption keeping in view the national and global perspectives of the power industry, highlighting the emerging power scenario and scope in India.

During the seminar, experts said that around 600 million Indian did not have access to electricity and about 700 million Indians use bio-mass as their primary energy resources for cooking.

State power minister Manish Gupta who was scheduled to attend the seminar but cancelled at the last minute due to some “unavoidable circumstances”, said in a fax message that it was time to motivate all the stakeholders to promote renewable energy. He said: “Importance needs to be given to meet the increasing need for power. Renewable energy could be a good option.”

Santanu Basu, chairman and managing director of West Bengal Power Development Corporation said: “Such initiatives not only highlight the emerging power scenario of the state but also boost up the different scopes in the power sectors. Power is needed for economic growth, for improving the quality of life and for increasing the opportunities of development.”

He also said that ensuring lifeline supply off clean energy to all was essential for nurturing inclusive growth, meeting the millennium development goals and raising Indian human development index that compares poorly with several countries that are currently below India&’s level of development.