statesman news service
KOLKATA, 21 JUNE: The driver of the bus carrying SFI leader Sudipto Gupta, who died in police custody earlier this year, has failed to produce his driving licence before the West Bengal Human Rights Commission, despite repeated requests from the human rights body.
Officials are “very peeved” at the actions of the driver, said Mr Rabindranath Samanta, registrar at the commission, which is currently investigating the death of the student activist in April.
Police said at the time that Gupta had fallen from the vehicle and hit his head; other students said he had been beaten.
“On 18 June, the driver Raja Das was directed by the full board of the commission, headed by Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, to produce the driving licence and PAN card,” he said.
The driver came on 20 June, with just his PAN card and said his driving licence was with the owner of the vehicle, so the commission told him again to bring the driving licence today, Mr Samanta said. The driver didn’t.
In response, the commission today directed the Commissioner of Police and the Officer in Charge of Hastings Police Station to produce the driver and his licence immediately.
The commission is still in the middle of its inquiry into the death, which sparked tit-for-tat political violence across the state.
It has two inquiry reports in hand, and is now working its way through hearings with those involved in the case, including with the Joint Commissioner of Police (Armed Police), Joint Commissioner of Police (Special Task Force), and an injured student.