Durgapur, 6 January
State owned Durgapur Projects Limited is set to greet the power minister&’s maiden visit with zero generation tomorrow. There has been no power generation in the plant since 31 December.
The DPL authority meanwhile has been on desperate attempt today to bring its vintage unit number 3 into the generation line which was lying almost defunct since 21 November due to extensive consumption of costly furnace oil. Its turbine also has been lying out of order since years and the unit is being run on ‘SOS’ cases to help supplying steam jets for propelling the turbine of its neighbouring unit No 4. Both the units commissioned in June 1964 have 77 MW capacities each and are stranded due to severe cost of generation.
Since after further collapse of its unit No 7 with 300 MW capacities, the power plant further started buying power from the national grid from 31 December. On 10 December, all the generation units including No 7 had doomed to zero and somehow was rescued on 27 December and collapsed further due to a harsh mechanical failure leading DPL to plunge into darkness further.
The plant, considering the power minister, Mr Manish Gupta&’s visit tomorrow, charged the unit No 3 further at 8: 20 a.m. today which too fell flat. Mr Mrinal Kanti Moitra, MD, DPL told The Statesman this evening: “The unit is yet to get ready and we are not sure whether it would help generation by tomorrow.”
The MD, Mr Moitra held series of meetings with the senior officials throughout the day to help restoring the fate of the generation units.