Malda, 6 December
A blind mother, who soon after getting released from the hospital, was desperately trying to sell her newborn against Rs 25,000 finally handed over the baby to the district child welfare committee (CWC) who assured to take care of the newborn.
Rubi Das (19), the blind hapless mother and an inhabitant of ward no 8 of English Bazaar Municipality, said that being a daughter of a daily wage earner Ranjit Das it was impossible for her to rear up the newborn.She alleged that she was lured with marriage offer by a local youth who ran away after Rubi became pregnant. She lodged a police complaint thereafter but being threatened by the youth she had to withdraw the complaint. As her father is suffering from a critical disease, the baby would be fresh burden for her, Rubi said.Hence, after delivering the male baby on Thursday, a helpless Rubi out of despair started roaming about at the Malda Medical College Hospital premises looking for a prospective customer. But failing to get a buyer she went back to her house.
As the matter came to the fore, bewildered CWC chairman Hassan Ali Shah along with two other members Mr Sunhamay Basu and Mr Sagar Goswami rushed to meet Rubi. Mr Shah said: “On our request, the woman handed over the baby to us. We would take care of the newborn as there are several welfare schemes of the state government.” He explained that CWC took the newborn into custody as there was apprehension the child might be a victim of any consequence by a poverty stricken mother.
The district social welfare officer, Mr Pratyarpan Singha Roy, said: “It is a pathetic case. Police should look into the matter and take steps.”