Statesman News Service
Kolkata, 8 July:
The minister of state for railways, Mr Adhir Chowdhury, has rejected former railway minister Mamata Banerjee’s approval for the employment of youths from the Nadigram and Furfura Sharif areas, whose family members gave up land for railway projects, state transport minister and zonal secretary of the Indian Railwaymen Union, Mr Madan Mitra, said today at Writers’ Buildings.Mr Mitra said Miss Banerjee had approved jobs for 750 youths, whose family gave land to the railways for the setting up of train lines. Around 325 of these youths got the jobs, but Mr Chowdhury rejected the job list recently for the rest of them. Mr Mitra said the Indian Railwaymen Union had urged the general manager of the South Eastern and Eastern Railways to give all the youths a job. “We will launch a movement if they are not taken. Those youths belong to poor minority communities,” he said. He also alleged that after Miss Banerjee resigned as the railway minister, the project for setting up railway lines is being neglected and those areas have become a grazing field for cows and goats. Other dream projects that Miss Banerjee had are being scrapped or neglected by Mr Chowdhury, he added.