Kolkata, 28 July: Police arrested seven persons for their involvement in a clash last night at the police barracks in the Lake police station
Police said that last night at around 12.30 a.m, the staff asked two youths not to urinate on the walls of the barracks. Instead of paying any attention they continued the act even after being chased by the staff. Later, the youths came back with three friends and soon an altercation broke out.
Police said that the youths are residents of Panchanantala in the Lake area.  The youths allegedly entered the barracks and beat up the staff. In retaliation the staff beat up the youths.
Later, the staff lodged a complaint against the youths who were arrested from their house today.
The youths ~ Nitish Paswan, Mukesh Paswan, Vishal Mondal, Kailash Mondal and Ashok Mondal ~ lodged a counter complaint against the staff who were also arrested. Police have started an investigation.
Police said that local youths from Panchnantala often enter the barrack and disturb the staff.
Police said the two staff who were beaten up last night are the cook and his helper.     sns