The claim is a sign of the Congress’ desperation: BJP
press trust of india
New Delhi, 21 July
The Congress today blamed Gujarat riots for creation of terror outfit Indian Mujahideen, a remark slammed as “reprehensible” by the BJP which accused it of playing the communal card for vote bank politics.
“The Indian Mujahideen (IM) was formed after the Gujarat riots, says the NIA in its charge-sheet. Even now the BJP and the RSS will not desist from their communal politics?,” Congress leader Mr Shakeel Ahmed said on microblogging site Twitter.
Hitting back, the BJP said the remarks were “stupid” and “reprehensible” as the Pakistan links of such outfits were well known and alleged that it was a “desperate” Congress which was actually trying to communalise the political scenario and playing with national security as it had “no answers for all the wrongs” it had done.
When contacted, the Congress General Secretary blamed the “communal politics of the BJP for the chain reaction” on the issue of terror.
“This (2002 riots) was the reason behind the creation of the Indian Mujahideen. If they foresake their communal politics, outfits like the IM will cease to exist,” Mr Ahmed said.
The BJP said it was well know that Pakistan has been aiding and abetting terror outfits that are active in India.
“There is this competition among the various Congress spokespersons and leaders to deliberately communalise the country’s political scenario, because they have no answer to the stinking corruption, mal-governance, price rice, unemployment, the general sense of suffering the people of India are having,” Deputy Leader of BJP in Rajya Sabha Ravishankar Prasad said.
He said terror outfits were active in the country before the 2002 riots also.
“Why are they playing with national security? Is it not a fact that the IM has links with Pakistan-based terrorist outfits… Is it not a fact that much before 2002, there was SIMI with designs to usher in terrorist attacks in India. These are all too well known. Please don’t play with national security.
Mr Prasad said there has been peace in Gujarat for the past 10 years and Muslims have been becoming prosperous in the state.
“The growth rate of Muslims in Gujarat is the best in the country. We all know. Yet they are playing this kind of communal politics. It’s only their desperation because they have no answers whatsoever for all the wrongs they have done in India for which Indian are seeking answers. They have no answer.”
BJP leader Mr M Venkaiah Naidu was also dismissive of the charge and asked Mr Ahmed to stop arguing in favour of terrorists. “Pakistan is aiding, abetting, funding and training terrorists. Don’t argue for the IM and such other (terror) outfits,” Mr Naidu said.
Mr Ahmed, however, alleged that the RSS and the BJP were the main sources of communalism in the country.
“So, the communal politics of the BJP has led to a chain reaction. They should give up such politics,” he said.