The Congress on Thursady termed the Aam Admi Party-led Delhi government’s first budget as bogus.

According to Ajay Maken,DPCC president, due to multiplicity of agencies, development works in Delhi are already get delayed and with the addition of another agency it will add to further delays.

"Total Budgetary allocation for housing projects in Delhi has been reduced to Rs.40 crores from Rs.54.30 crores allocated by the Congress Government in 2013- 14. Similarly, the allocation for Urban Development has been reduced by Rs.150 crores.

The AAP Government has allocated Rs.362.7 crores for urban development, whereas the Congress government had allocated Rs.505.6 crores," said Mr Maken. Commenting on the budget, Mr Maken said the government&’s package for village and small scale industry has been sized down substantially. "A party which claims to be the messiah of the common man has allocated a meagre amount of Rs.30 crore for such industries.

The budgetary allocation in the year 2013-14 (Congress Government) for the same was Rs 50 crores and the amount for the same in the year 2014-15 was Rs.58.2 crores," said Maken. In addition, the Delhi Congress also said that the budgetary allocation for building roads and bridges has been reduced by almost Rs.300 crores. "In Health Sector, during the run up to the election,Kejriwal gathered votes on the promise of providing 40,000 new beds in the National Capital. Today, the Deputy Chief Minister virtually conceded that they were lying during the elections.

The Government made allocation for providing 10,000 beds in the next two and a half years. Is improvement in the health sector a forgotten promise?," questioned Maken. Also, Maken mentioned that no special budget has been allocated for the transport department which has not been able to implement the orders of the NGT due to lack of infrastructure and staff. "Though Sisodia has claimed,VAT collections will grow this year to Rs.24,000 crores,this claim is actually hard to digest keeping in mind that the VAT collections for the year 2014-15 were only Rs. 18,289.33 crores and in order to reach a figure of Rs. 24,000 crores, there will have to be an increase of almost Rs.6,000 crores, which is next to impossible," said Maken. He also reacted that the fiscal health of Delhi will obviously not grow at the same pace as it was growing during the golden period of 2007-12.