An Indian tourist on a trip to Thailand sustained injuries when a Pattaya woman bit off his lower lip, allegedly during a street fight in the popular beach town. The incident took place on a sidewalk of Pattaya’s Walking Street in the early hours on September 20, said the local police.

According to a report in local media publication The Nation, the tourist, Shashank Agarwal, 30, was taken to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital for treatment after first aid.

The woman in question, Sukanya Pafaek (38), was detained for questioning. Quoting her, The Nation reported that she bit the man’s lip in “self-defence” as he had allegedly approached to attack her.

According to reports, rescue volunteers came to the man’s aid after they spotted the “fight”. They found Agarwal covered in his own blood, with chunks of flesh missing from his mouth, local media reported.

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Some onlookers shot a video of the incident in which the pair can be seen grappling on the floor in front of a bar. Pattaya local news site Siamchon News posted one such video on its website.

The bystanders separated the two, shows the video, after which Sukanya could be heard furiously screaming in anger. She accused Agarwal of attacking her, even as the man protested saying he had not done anything.

Authorities plan to interrogate both parties before issuing any charges, as per local reports.

It could not be known if any charges had been pressed against Agarwal or Sukanya yet. This report will be updated once more details are known.