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New York Times dedicates its front page to COVID-19 victims

United States remains the worst affected country due to the pandemic with 1,622,670 cases of infections, and death toll at 97,087 till now.

SNS | New Delhi |

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to claim multiple lives across the globe The New York Times on Sunday showed that the death toll is not just a number but they are people just like everyone else.

In its Sunday edition, the newspaper dedicated its front page to the 1,000 victims of coronavirus of United States.  Its headline read, “U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, an Incalculable Loss,” with a subheadline reading: “They Were Not Simply Names on a List. They Were Us.’”

Each victim has been described in one line, with details taken from obituaries around the country.

The paper said this was intended to convey the vastness and variety of the tragedy, the front page is a simple list of names and personal details taken from obituaries around the US.

The US death toll stands at more than 97,000, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, by far the highest in the world, and the The New York Times said it had been considering how to mark expected milestone of 100,000 deaths.

According to the tracker United States has reported 1,622,670 cases of infections, with death toll at 97,087 till now.