Bhubaneswar, 8 July
The Congress today urged upon the ruling BJD government to shed politicking over the Food Security Bill and implement it sincerely in the state. "Odisha is one of the poorest states in the country and incidence of malnutrition is very high. In this backdrop, the state BJD government ought to welcome the Food Security Bill, support it in parliament and implement it sincerely," said Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik.
The Naveen Patnaik government is going to save hundreds of crores as the current level of subsidy burden in providing rice at Rs 1 per kg to the poor will reduce with the Centre increasing its share of subsidy.“This saving should be used to give pulses to the poor through the PDS,” he said.
He ridiculed state BJD leaders who claimed that the Food Security Bill is nothing new as the state government has been providing 25 kg rice at Rs 1 per kg to BPL families.
“These people are ignorant of the Bill, it is much more than providing cheap rice, it includes nutritious food, cooked food and many other provisions,” remarked Mr Patnaik.
 “The UPA Government has been trying to create a regime of legal rights  ~ RTI, MNREGA and Right to Education Act and now the Food Security Bill for the less privileged section over food. Once the law is implemented, any authority responsible for allowing a person to be hungry can be held accountable and even punished under section 41 of the Act,” said the Congress leader.