A bomb explosion outside a mosque in the Afghan city of Herat killed at least seven people and wounded 15 on Tuesday, hours after the Indian ambassador’s residence in Kabul was attacked with a rocket-launched grenade.

Locals were quoted as saying by a news agency that a bomb was detonated right outside the Jama Masjid when a prayer service was taking place inside.

Explosives were hidden in a motorcycle parked outside the mosque.

These attacks came the day the Kabul Peace Process Conference began. The conference, inaugurated by President Ashraf Ghani, is being attended by the leaders of 27 nations and representatives of international organisations.

In a bomb blast outside the Indian embassy last week, 150 people were killed.

Several protesters were killed in clashes with police on Friday at the bomb site, and at least a dozen people others lost their lives when suicide bombers attacked the funeral of one of the victims on Saturday.