Nine people were detained after a shooting at a parking lot near a residential compound in the south of Moscow, according to the Russian law enforcement source.

“Overall, nine people have been detained including the wounded person, the involvement of each of them is being looked into,” the source told TASS News.

On Sunday, the shooting took place at the parking lot near the Yasny residential compound.

The participants fled the scene in several cars.

At least four of the detained persons are from Orenburg, a Russian city in the Urals.

According to the source, at least eight people were involved in the brawl.

Yulia Ivanova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Investigative Committee’s Moscow city department said that the shooting left one person injured.

In 2019, at least one person were killed after a gunman opened fire near the headquarters of Russia’s main intelligence agency in Moscow.

Last year, in December, at least five people were injured in the shooting near the Federal Security Service (FSB) building in Russia.

Gun laws in Russia are strict and mass shootings are a rare occurrence. While citizens can acquire firearms for hunting or sport, they are required to undergo a thorough background check in order to obtain a license.