This year, Govardhan Puja will be celebrated on 28th October.

Govardhan Puja is a Hindu festival in which devotees prepare and offer a large variety of vegetarian food to Shri Krishna as a mark of gratitude.

For Vaishnavas, this day marks the incident in the Bhagavata Puran when Bhagwan Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill to provide the villagers of Vrindavan shelter from the endless rains. The incident represents how God will protect all devotees who take singular refuge in him.

Devotees offer tons of food, laying emphasis on the Govardhan Hill and submission to God as a ritual remembrance. For Vaishnavas, this is one of the important festivals.

The Annakut festival occurs on the first lunar day of Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik which is the fourth day of Deepawali (Diwali).

There are many variants of how Govardhan Puja is performed. After, completing the structure it is decorated by earthen lamps (deepak or diya), the seenkh (a material which is same as the broom’s chaff), candles and after worship, the structure of lord is fed by the bhakts or worshipers and the ladies observe a fast.

People offer bath to their cows and bulls in the morning and decorate them with saffron and garlands etc. They make cow dung heap and worship by offering Kheer, Batashe, garland, sweet and delicious foods with immense enthusiasm.

They prepare Naivedya of the Chappan Bhog (means 56 food items) or 108 food items in order to offer to the lord during puja.