You have been trotting around the globe for years. You have travel memories and stories to tell, but do you have a walk to remember?

Stop a while in Delhi for beautiful walks in its many green reserves. Winter has set in and the weather now is perfect for long walks. In fact, there are several walk festivals in the city this November, which you can be a part of and celebrate green Delhi. Surely, you must treat yourself to a rejuvenating walk to remember.

Well-greened Delhi has several beautiful historical places, monuments and parks worth the visit. Apart from walk festivals, there are also heritage walks which takes the participants through all the important landmarks in the city, old and new. If you are visiting Delhi, there are miles to go. You can join one of the many walks organised here on a regular basis.

However, if you wish to break away from the crowd and take a long lone walk, one pristine and breathtaking place for long walk is the locality park in Alaknanda.

Tucked away in a corner, in South Delhi, the park here is an absolute wellness space.

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Of idyllic green pastures and mystical groves, its beauty lies in the silence that hovers around it even on a mid-summer afternoon.

Unlike other popular places in Delhi, where visitors crowd throughout the day, this quiet corner in Alaknanda is frequented by only a few morning walkers.

The place sprawled over a wide expanse of forest area with small pathways that wind deep inside is an ideal getaway for an escape from the busy chaotic life.

Although located near busy and crowded places such as CR Park, Kalkaji and Greater Kailash-II, Alaknanda park is neatly and beautifully tucked away from all the rush and dust. A good long walk here is wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating. Green and peaceful, one can dream away here. A long refreshing walk here can be your walk to remember.

Once you are done with the long walk and dreaming, you can live your dream in posh market and great eateries around the vicinity. Alaknanda is well developed and is one of the finest up-market colonies in South Delhi. You can shop and eat to your heart’s content in some of the city’s best restaurants in and around the locality.

Take a joyful walk to remember.