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Now, digital truck parking system

IANS | Berlin |

German automotive components supplier Bosch has launched its solution to the shortage of secure truck parking spaces along European highways in the form of a website.

Truck drivers can now book parking spaces via Bosch's online platform in real time, Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.

Germany lacks around 14,000 such truck parking spaces, similar to other European countries. The lack of spaces has led to traffic accidents and cargo theft.

The online system also takes advantage of the sharing economy. In addition to public parking spaces, the platform also includes parking places offered by logistics companies near the highways.

Gebruder Weiss, a German logistics company, has opened one of its centres near Vienna for the service. Alexander Horak, a senior executive at the company, said he hoped other companies would also participate, saying, "we can better help each other with available and urgently needed parking spaces."

Jan-Philipp Weers, head of the parking service program, said a filter function can also help the users choose the parking spaces according to the safety conditions and other convenience features.

Parking fees are billed at the end of each month.

Bosch plans to release the application software of the service in future.

The service operates in the Europe, including Germany, France, Italy and Britain, among others.