W for Women, Workout, and Wellbeing!

There have been various stereotypes associated with women's fitness - women shouldn't lift heavy weights, women shouldn't do very high intensity workouts, women shouldn't focus on building muscle - so on and so forth

The benefits of a 10-minute workout

Damaging effects relayed in from the growing prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle among adults have become increasingly evident across the world. The need for physical activity has been recognised with renewed importance and stressed upon globally. Recent research has highlighted that even short bouts of physical activity in a day can result in a number of benefits useful for reducing anxiety, weight gain and blood pressure, while improving blood circulation to the nervous system, along with availing better sleep.

How to choose a workout that fits your needs

Understand the goal of your workout. Unless that's not set, chances of picking the wrong workout are possible. The end result gets reflected in an unhealthy and possible damaged body.

UK’s energie fitness set to enter India

With newer trends emerging, people are moving towards a selective combination of a variety of workouts. High-intensity classes, boot camp, functional, and circuit training are changing the perception of traditional modes of training.