Work from home

Working on work

The work-from-home (WFH) phenomenon which made its entry into our world post-Covid-19 is still stuttering along. But tensions between employers…

The Second Job

Many believe that the trend of moonlighting was triggered by the onset of work-from-home culture necessitated by the pandemic.

Will work from home come to stay?

In the Narendra Modi regime, this flowed from the top and that is why amid the unprecedented challenge of the pandemic, healthcare management, vaccination and economic revival could be met with promptness and efficacy.

Some people still working from beds, closets, couches in pandemic

While one in three (32 per cent) said they work from a proper office, nearly as many (31 per cent) said their bedroom is their office, 45 per cent work from a couch regularly, 38 per cent work from a bed, 20 per cent work outdoors and 19 per cent even work from a closet regularly.