Is the US overestimating the threat from Beijing?

Half of all Americans responding to a mid-2023 survey from the Pew Research Center cited China as the biggest risk to the U.S., with Russia trailing in second with 17 per cent. Other surveys, such as from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, show similar findings.

Fragile Ties~II

India-Canada co-operation for peaceful uses of nuclear energy began in the 1950s, when Canada agreed to build a 40 MW Research Reactor for India, known as the CIRUS reactor, in 1955. India promised that both the reactor and the related fissile materials would be used only for peaceful purposes.

Trump’s troubles

In the unfolding legal saga surrounding former President Donald Trump, the prospect of seeing him behind bars before the next election appears to be fading into the mist of procedural intricacies and potential delays.