Black Sea Games

The 1936 Montreux convention is an agreement concerning the regime of the Black Sea and the connecting straits. In response to Turkey’s request to refortify the area, the signatories to the Treaty of Lausanne and others met in Montreux, Switzerland and agreed to return the zone to Turkish military control.

The K-Art exhibition booth at India Art Fair

India Art Fair, the Indian subsidiary of Angus Montgomery Arts, an art exhibition consulting firm based in London, is one of the largest fairs hosted by the company around the world.

Melting glaciers serve to warn the world

Having grown up in the valley of Kashmir, I am always drawn to snow-clad mountains. So when a friend from Srinagar visited London earlier this year, I jumped at the chance of travelling with him to Switzerland for a few days to walk in the mountains and see the glacier on Mt Titlis.