Sujan Chakraborty

Duare Ration will lead to more pilferage: Sujan

CPI-M spokesperson, Sujan Chakraborty, said that out of the state’s population of 9.5 crores about 20 per cent avails ration and questioned how  CM said that ration will be delivered to the doorstep of 10 crore people?

Rajib return reaffirms cosy Didi-Modi relationship: CPM

Sujan Chakraborty, commenting on the matter, said that the ‘Ayaa Ram Gaya Raam’ politics is no doubt a TMC strategy and it re-affirms how similar TMC is to the BJP. The Didi-Modi relationship has grown quite healthy over the years, he remarked.

Trinamul manifesto ‘ultimate bluff’: Left

CPI-M leader Surya Kanta Mishra shared a message where CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury stressed that Bengal needs an alternate narrative which is both secular and democratic seeking to restore constitutional order.

Sujan Chakraborty attacks Mamata Banerjee

Listing a litany of violence on Opposition party activists, principally from CPI-M, police preferring to look the other way especially when the ruling party supporters are not at the receiving end and other incidents like social ostracisation have boiled down to an overall deterioration of the law and order situation comprise the contents of a letter.