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Catch a spy

Reds under your beds? On the contrary. Beijing, it seems, sees insidious forces bent on undermining it absolutely everywhere, according…

Cong: Tried to raise content manipulation issue with FB, WhatsApp

Congress data Analytics Department Chairman Praveen Chakravorty had flagged the issue with the officials of the company, "I met with Facebook's Global Head of Government relations and elections on 17th July 2018 in America and discussed the issue of bias and partisanship of their India team. I was told this would be looked into, but nothing happened," said Praveen Chakravorty.

Options before mainstream media

While media is a business and has bills to pay like all businesses, it is not just any business. Unless content curators drive the company, the knowledge – as opposed to merely information – space which is up for grabs across the Indian media landscape cannot be occupied.