Should we not fight harder for Sanskrit?

The only use of Sanskrit I saw was on religious occasions. The Hindu rituals are all conducted in Sanskrit as opposed to the common language spoken by the local followers.

IIT Roorkee organises online spoken Sanskrit classes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Sanskrit has been an integral part of our tradition since antiquity and our Sanskrit scriptures have been vehicles of expression of Indian wisdom, philosophy, science, and ethics. He added that such events play an instrumental role in enabling participants to develop a keen interest in the language.

Revival of Sanskrit

Sanskrit's credentials to be a language of future India are definitely better and greater than we have realised so far. Its revival will not only renew and revive the pride in our own cultural heritage, but will also bring about spiritualism and the concept of a meaningful society and polity, thereby bringing order and peace all across the country, a desideratum for any developed society.